Windows 7 Freezes After Startup – Solution

Any computer can sometimes be very slow to boot up after switching on. This is very annoying because it makes it much more difficult to rely on and use your computer. Windows 7 freezes on startup is a very common complaint that many people have. If you have recently upgraded your computer to run on the latest version of windows 7 then you might be very annoyed.


First you should take a look at some of the problems which can cause windows 7 to stop responding when booting up. The problem could be caused by a number of different things including corrupt registry values, viruses, spyware or too many applications loading at startup.

Fixing the Problem

Fortunately there are a number of different ways that you can fix this problem if you experience it. This will make your computer switch on much faster which should also make your computer work much more reliably.

Virus Scan

Check that your computer has a good quality virus scanner installed on it. Also make sure that the virus definitions are updated as this will make sure that it can detect all of the errors and fix them.


Any driver errors can also be a cause of windows 7 freezing at startup. To check the drivers visit the windows website and click the options for windows update. This should make it much easier for your computer to work quicker.


If you haven’t been able to fix the problem by using any of the steps above then you should also check the registry. The windows registry is a very important database which stores various settings on your computer. If this isn’t working properly then it can cause your computer to slow down or even stop working completely. Use a registry scanner to try and identify any threats and put a stop to them.

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